Definition Of providing


appoint an incumbent to (a benefice).

Sometime after April 18, 1378, he was provided to the bishopric by Urban, and consecrated before March 26, 1379.

make adequate preparation for (a possible event).

new qualifications must provide for changes in technology

make available for use; supply.

these clubs provide a much appreciated service for this area

on the condition or understanding that.

we have the team that can win the championship, providing we avoid bad injuries

stipulate in a will or other legal document.

the order should be varied to provide that there would be no contact with the father

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Example Of providing

  • Anyone can join, providing they stump up the £40 life membership fee and get a member to propose them.

  • Can't see the BBC having any issues with tv-on-demand, providing they can get statistics from it.

  • Even Dolly can be reasonably good at not making a mess when she's asked, providing she's asked nicely, of course.

  • I see a job change in seven months, providing you look around to find the right one.

  • It is for the most part a procedure of choice, providing the relevant criteria of the legislation are carried out

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