Definition Of profligated


a licentious, dissolute person.

It was believed Germans were afraid of pooling their successful monetary sovereignty with putative profligates such as, perhaps, Italy.

recklessly extravagant or wasteful in the use of resources.

profligate consumers of energy

Example Of profligated

  • A sadly appropriate analogy would be the profligate and highly overindebted consumer who has finally reached the end of his rope.

  • By so doing, these programs both protect the profligate against the effects of their myopia and insure that everyone contributes to helping such persons.

  • Dismissing conservation as a low priority is dangerous in that it will encourage a profligate use of natural resources and a lack of concern about the current human destruction of the Earth.

  • Global warming and its consequences are almost certainly the result of our profligate fossil-fuel consumption, and it is already happening.

  • He then apparently asked for another tissue (such profligacy !) although the fate of the second tissue is currently unknown.

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