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a standing executive committee in a communist country.

She was so distrustful that she was only prepared to report verbally on the program's content to the party presidium just one week before the presentation of the finished document.

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  • Also, the USSR Council of People's Commissars had the right to suspend all decisions and orders of the Republic's Council of Commissars, and the Praesidium of the Supreme Soviet could annul them.

  • Four other colleagues from the presidium were also taken into custody.

  • In 1933 and 1935, for example, the presidium called for the ‘more bold and decisive promotion of women into leadership positions.’

  • Often they could not see the speaker or presidium even by craning their necks.

  • Political weight has been involved in the antigovernment protests, with some opposition leaders calling for an establishment of a presidium to replace the current government whom they claim had lost public confidence.

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