Definition Of prescriptio


a recommendation that is authoritatively put forward.

effective prescriptions for sustaining rural communities

an instruction written by a medical practitioner that authorizes a patient to be provided a medicine or treatment.

he scribbled a prescription for tranquilizers

the establishment of a claim founded on the basis of a long or indefinite period of uninterrupted use or of long-standing custom.

In order to acquire a right to an easement or right-of-way by prescription , a party must show a clear period of continuous use for a period of twenty years.

Example Of prescriptio

  • prescription drugs

  • A doctor will write you a prescription for pain medication.

  • A physician in England implemented the concept of a safety-net antibiotic prescription .

  • Additionally her spirit was being calmed and her moods and concentration were considered within the herbal prescription .

  • Angus waited outside whilst I went in and bought Gerald's medicine, a continuing prescription routinely picked up once a month.

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