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a North American Indian ceremony involving feasting, singing, and dancing.

I became obsessed and took part in sweat lodge ceremonies, pipe ceremonies, powwows and other Aboriginal spiritual events.

hold a powwow; confer.

news squads powwowed nervously

Example Of powwow

  • After the crew ties the boats off to the right-hand bank and scouts the rapid, the two put their heads together for a powwow .

  • Alcohol and drugs are banned from powwow sites, and some powwows are organized to celebrate sobriety.

  • At one point during the annual sales powwow at a San Francisco convention center in August, a wizened Chambers came out from behind the podium to be closer to the 10,000 salespeople.

  • Attend powwows and Métis festivals and talk to Elders.

  • Based on the records of explorers, the Omaha Nation of Nebraska has been counting annual powwows for about 200 years.

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