Definition Of portly


(especially of a man) having a stout body; somewhat fat.

Her portly body was perched on a small stool precariously, looking like she would fall off if she shifted even slightly.

of a stately or dignified appearance and manner.

he was a man of portly presence

Example Of portly

  • A portly British statesman once famously said that ‘democracy is based on reason and fair play.’

  • A portly greybeard, with huge shoulders and chest, he could usually be found writing his reminiscences or playing with the grandchildren.

  • Also I realized Heather would be there and while I love her, she's very tall and when I am around tall people I feel extremely portly .

  • Anxious that Francesca will find his portliness unattractive, Papprizio begs Casanova to transform him.

  • ‘It used to be a story that made us weep only,’ said Nabih al-Ibrahim, 42, a portly civil engineer running for a city council seat.

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