Definition Of poll


a person's head.

Peter scratched his poll and smiled feebly.

cut the horns off (an animal, especially a young cow).

As an added bonus, every Thunderhouse calf born to date has been polled !

record the opinion or vote of.

focus groups in which customers are polled about merchandise preferences

the process of voting in an election.

the country went to the polls on March 10

Example Of poll

  • A favorite ‘fash’ (i.e., fashion) is to scrape off a parallelogram behind the head, from the poll to the cerebellum.

  • A random sample of 2,646 people across all regions of England, including the capital, was polled by Opinion Research Business.

  • All his calves have been polled .

  • As a result, he began to top the polls as preferred prime minister.

  • At 17: 00 hours he made an announcement outside the Polling Station that the poll was closing.

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