Definition Of plunger


a device consisting of a rubber cup on a long handle, used to clear blocked pipes by means of water pressure.

Take a suction cup plunger and pump it up and down directly over the clogged drain.

a person who gambles or spends money recklessly.

This was a race for the plungers , the speculators, the people who trade commodities and bet the house that the price of nutmeg will skyrocket.

Example Of plunger

  • A plunger is fine for clogs caused by excessive waste and tissue, but if you use one for other obstructions there is an added risk that you might simply move the object out of reach.

  • A new option for micromolders is an injection machine that replaces the traditional screw with a motor-driven plunger .

  • After plugging the overflow drain, use the plunger exactly as you would in opening an ordinary sink.

  • After pressing the plunger the lights across the city lit up as one.

  • By that I meant to pull the emergency plunger to make the train brake sharply.

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