Definition Of plinth


a heavy base supporting a statue or vase.

The plinth for the statue will be some two feet higher than originally planned in the interests of health and safety and to prevent vandalism.

Example Of plinth

  • A huge marble bust of Marx stands on a plinth at one end of the grave, which also contains the remains of his wife Jenny.

  • Agreement could not subsequently be reached as to which hero or monarch should be depicted and the plinth therefore remained empty for 158 years.

  • Appointed a marshal in 1918, on the plinth of his statue in London are the words ‘I am conscious of having served England as I served my own country.’

  • Art is everywhere, in the museums, galleries or churches, but also in the stonework, on carved doorways, on plinths and balconies, and in the soft light that evening casts across the pink and russet walls and towers.

  • At the other end of the park were Keith Edmier's two pint-sized commemorative bronze statues of men in uniform, mounted on granite plinths .

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