Definition Of plait


form (hair or other material) into a plait or plaits.

He gently combed the tangles out of her hair and deftly plaited a long simple braid.

Example Of plait

  • A girl suspended from school after refusing to remove her new hair extensions and plaits will not be returning to her classroom - even though her hair is back to normal.

  • ‘I'll show you how to wash and plait long hair, kid,’ he offered.

  • Black strands were falling from her firm plait of hair, and her face looked ashen in the firelight.

  • But the Qing were also Manchu invaders, who forced every Chinese man to wear his hair in a long plait as a sign of subjection and instigated a literary inquisition that codified what could and could not be read in China.

  • Children plait them, knot them, and turn them into anything from friendship bracelets to tiny dragons.

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