Definition Of pips


(of a young bird) crack (the shell of the egg) when hatching.

The first chicks will start to pip the shell as early as the 19th day of incubation.

a disease of poultry or other birds causing thick mucus in the throat and white scale on the tongue.

Rearing turkeys was no easy job even in small numbers and diseases such as pip and gape took their toll despite good care and attention.

a small hard seed in a fruit.

Place the fruit, rind and pips in a large bowl and cover with cold water.

a small shape or symbol, in particular.

an excellent or very attractive person or thing.

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Example Of pips

  • All previous decks had shown pips like a normal pack of playing cards.

  • And it's really good - heavy on the lemons and probably a little heavy on the pips too but it tastes great.

  • Any combination of cards adding up to 15 pips scores 2 points.

  • At first I think the firemen were a bit bewildered but after 20 minutes or so on their hands and knees they were finding seed pips .

  • At the end of the hand, each player gets the total number of pips in his hands.

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