Definition Of piniform


a sleeveless apronlike garment worn over a child's dress.

If they wonder, like I do, what became of that little girl in the pinafore dress.

Example Of piniform

  • A blur of a pinafore and ruffles met my eyes as my little sister Lotte barreled down the stairs.

  • A tanned woman with very blonde hair and long legs, wearing a sheer pinafore and a light-blue bikini underneath, climbed on to a table and started taking photographs.

  • An elderly woman appeared in the doorway, wearing a faded red dress and a pinafore apron.

  • And sometimes, when I'm in the right mood, I'll braid my hair, tie on a pinafore and whip up a batch of cornpone!

  • And with that, she walked inside, put on one of her older dresses, a pinafore , and tied her hair back with a handkerchief to keep it from getting in her way.

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