Definition Of pinches


an act of gripping the skin of someone's body between finger and thumb.

he gave her a gentle pinch

an arrest.

arrest (someone).

I was pinched for speeding

grip (something, typically someone's flesh) tightly and sharply between finger and thumb.

she pinched his cheek

live in a frugal way.

if I pinch and scrape , I might manage

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Example Of pinches

  • ‘Oh, he's her boyfriend,’ stated Clay, rather smoothly, and in turn gained a sharp pinch in the side by yours truly.

  • Be sure to include enough plants in the combination to balance out the tallest specimens, then pinch and train the plants to encourage bushy growth.

  • Dezra ordered stubbornly, pinching her lips at him and glowering from beneath the big hat.

  • Famous saying goes that ‘Only you yourself know whether your shoes pinch ,’ but a new breed of shoe advisers would beg to differ with this line.

  • For bedding plants, pinch off only the first few buds as flower size is less important as mass display.

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