Definition Of pickled


(of food) preserved in vinegar or brine.

pickled onions

preserve (food or other perishable items) in vinegar, brine, or a similar solution.

chunks of green tomatoes pickled in brine

Example Of pickled

  • Also refreshing are the crunchy pickled carrot sticks, with tamarind overtones that add a vivid splash of colour to the palette and palate alike.

  • And actually, he always has those glassy eyes -- He looks pickled a good part of the time.

  • Brown bags of pasta stand ready to be combined with cans of Italian tuna, homemade pickled vegetables, home-canned tomato sauce, and jars of his favorite imported red peppers.

  • He looks pickled every time I've seen him.

  • He wore khaki shorts and a vest, he was fair (though he looked pickled pink with the amount of drinking he had done), and spoke English with a good accent.

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