Definition Of pelts


an act of hurling something at someone.

attack (someone) by repeatedly hurling things at them.

two little boys pelted him with rotten apples

the skin of an animal with the fur, wool, or hair still on it.

It had fresco brick wall sides peaking upward as if inside a tent, there were tanned pelts of animal skins as tapestries on the wall.

Example Of pelts

  • Animal pelts have probably been exchanged in North America since the beginning of human habitation, but large-scale fur trade began only after the arrival of Europeans.

  • At the base, there stood a black horse with a thick shaggy pelt and another dark grey one.

  • Before hitting our first night's camp, we visit a man training a magnificent eagle to hunt foxes, whose pelts are highly prized by Russians for coats and hats.

  • Bengals, because they have pelts and not coats like domestic cats, shed very little, and cause less allergic reactions.

  • But humans also were smart enough to develop the ability to kill furry animals and use their pelts for clothing to be warmer.

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