Definition Of pellet


a small, rounded, compressed mass of a substance.

fish food pellets

form or shape (a substance, especially animal food) into pellets.

If you can find a feed mill that grinds its own mash frequently that is a better choice than preserved, pelleted food (which may contain cheap, low-quality ingredients).

hit with or as though with pellets.

the last drops of rain were pelleting the windshield

Example Of pellet

  • A 4 to 6% improvement in feed conversion is generally obtained when diets are pelleted compared with those fed in meal form.

  • A specimen was found with aggregation of fecal pellets visible at the bottom of burrows.

  • After an initial 10-min centrifugation to pellet cell debris, the samples were processed according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • After bats were captured, we placed them into holding containers for 0.25-1.5 h to collect fecal pellets .

  • But the advantage is you can go back to using traditional lead shot size pellets and gain a significant improvement in performance.

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