Definition Of peel


(of a surface or object) lose parts of its outer layer or covering in small strips or pieces.

the walls are peeling

a flat, shovellike implement, especially one used by baker for carrying loaves, pies, etc., into or out of an oven.

a wooden pizza peel

a small square defensive tower of a kind built in the 16th century in the border counties of England and Scotland.

The Corbridge pele , built of reused Roman stonework, lies on the edge of the churchyard and was the vicar's house.

remove the outer covering or skin from (a fruit, vegetable, or shrimp).

she watched him peel an apple with deliberate care

send (another player's ball) through a wicket.

the better players are capable of peeling a ball through two or three wickets

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Example Of peel

  • peel off the skins and thickly slice the potatoes

  • a wooden pizza peel

  • As the potatoes are cooking, peel the onion, cut it in half and then into thick slices.

  • ‘We don't believe that the onus should be on the consumer to wash and peel fruit and vegetables to remove pesticides,’ a spokeswoman said.

  • carefully peel away the wax paper

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