Definition Of pear


a yellowish- or brownish-green edible fruit that is typically narrow at the stalk and wider toward the base, with sweet, slightly gritty flesh.

Sweet juicy fruits such as pears , grapes, watermelon and mangoes both nourish and cleanse.

the Eurasian tree that bears the pear.

So I indicated that my goal henceforth was the space between two prongs of a garden fork, whereas his was the expanse between an apple tree and a pear tree in our fruity back garden.

Example Of pear

  • After planting a wild pear tree , declaring the school a ‘clean, green zone’, Leon left for a visit to Southernwood Primary School.

  • All his prized orchard fruits - apples, pears , cherries and peaches - were introduced from abroad.

  • As we tuck into a colourful platter of fresh pineapple, watermelon, kiwi fruit, pears and bananas on the veranda, she cooks up sausages, bacon and pancakes.

  • Choose cheese or low-sugar fruits like pears and apples as dessert.

  • Citrus and stone fruits, pears , figs, and pineapple all respond to preservation by this method.

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