Definition Of pawn


a chess piece of the smallest size and value. A pawn moves one square forward along its file if unobstructed (or two on the first move), or one square diagonally forward when making a capture. Each player begins with eight pawns on the second rank, and can promote a pawn to become any other piece (typically a queen) if it reaches the opponent's end of the board.

The game of chess with sword-wielding pawns and deadly queens is both dramatic and mightily beautiful.

an object left as security for money lent.

deposit (an object) with a pawnbroker as security for money lent.

I pawned the necklace to cover the loan

Example Of pawn

  • A player starts off with a king, a queen, eight pawns , and two each of bishops, knights and rooks.

  • A thief pawned a gold ring then snatched it back along with the cash he was being paid for it.

  • All squares from h4 all the way back to h8 are covered by Black's pieces and pawns .

  • Also important is the number of pawns on the board, especially when the minor piece is the knight.

  • And the operatives were only pawns in their ultimate game of cat and mouse.

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