Definition Of pavilion


a building or similar structure used for a specific purpose, in particular.

My driver paused at Twin Dragon Bridge, a striking seventeen-arch structure with pavilions built in the 1700s.

a usually highly decorated projecting subdivision of a building.

the part of a cut gemstone below the girdle.

Example Of pavilion

  • A special feature of this development is the purpose-built pavilion with two tennis courts.

  • A timber pavilion was constructed at Station Road in the late 1920s but was razed to the ground after a fire destroyed it in 1967.

  • As we approached the pavilion in the park, we could see hundreds of people talking and eating, and could hear live music and laughter.

  • Aston Martins and Bentleys are on display in the auto pavilion just a stone's throw from the latest John Deere models.

  • Benches and a fountain, as well as flowers and plants sent in from all over the world made the otherwise clean hospital pavilion somewhat serene.

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