Definition Of pastorals


a work of literature portraying an idealized version of country life.

the story, though a pastoral, has an actual connection with the life of agricultural labor

Example Of pastorals

  • A break from the rollicking pastorals of the first four tracks, it serves as the album's star-gazing intermission; from here, it moves towards a safer indie-pop sound.

  • After moving to St-Tropez in 1892, Signac, a committed anarchist, began to paint politicized pastorals juxtaposing north and south and promoting a leftwing vis ion of the Mediterranean shore.

  • Although still contested, some conservationists have accepted the argument that pastoralists do not automatically degrade the environment and that pastoralism and wildlife conservation may be mutually compatible.

  • Beyond some engagement with pastoralism in the Gedo region (adjacent to Kenya and Ethiopia), it lacked an established niche in Somalia's economy.

  • By taking more than half of the area out of the Northern Territory, the main job-generating industries of the Territory, mining and pastoralism , have been seriously retarded.

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