Definition Of parleys


a conference between opposing sides in a dispute, especially a discussion of terms for an armistice.

Discussions, secret parleys and meetings, at various places, marked the last few days.

hold a conference with the opposing side to discuss terms.

they disagreed over whether to parley with the enemy

Example Of parleys

  • a parley is in progress and the invaders may withdraw

  • According to one story, they took unfair advantage by attacking when a parley was in progress.

  • And he wastes no time signaling that the parley is over.

  • Both sides are secretive about their positions and details of the parleys so far but, at least, the joint statement issued by the two sides after their two-day meeting last December is most welcome.

  • But the Congress veteran, who was in the midst of hectic parleys connected with the ongoing crisis in the party, failed to make it for the function.

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