Definition Of panorama


an unbroken view of the whole region surrounding an observer.

the tower offers a wonderful panorama of Prague

Example Of panorama

  • A broad panorama of nineteenth-century art can enhance our understanding of a nation in flux, which the builders of the museum's collection embraced from the outset.

  • A photographic panorama including a view in the same direction as that in Spencer's ‘Poundfield, Cookham’ has been submitted in evidence by the Society.

  • Also, attempts are being made to present a panorama from ‘Folk to Pop’ and music of all ages to enthral the audience.

  • Apart from offering an entertaining panorama of the many research achievements of evolutionary psychologists, it points the way to an exciting future for our field.

  • As a panorama , the landscape resembles the photo collage in Mies' famous interior perspective of the Resor House.

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