Definition Of palpitate


(of the heart) beat rapidly, strongly, or irregularly.

it wakened him in the night with a palpitating heart

Example Of palpitate

  • An impressionable, palpitating creature was Ella, shrinking humanely from detailed knowledge of her husband's trade whenever she reflected that everything he manufactured had for its purpose the destruction of life.

  • And why had so many teenage girls screamed and palpitated at the very thought of The Rolling Stones throughout the ‘sixties?

  • Anyone wondering why people palpitate over the exploitation genre will have a hard time finding such excitement incentives here.

  • Apparently, we are more tolerant - our blood pressures don't go up, our hearts don't palpitate and our kids can't be traumatized.

  • As grandmas go into palpitating convulsions of disbelief, and all of contemporary society looks down at me from their pedestals of purity, let me just state that I'm not average.

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