Definition Of pad


a flat-topped structure or area used for helicopter takeoff and landing or for rocket launching.

I swerved around and checked on my team mates at the helicopter pad , ready to take off as soon as I gave them the signal.

a number of sheets of blank paper fastened together at one edge, used for writing or drawing on.

So she gently ripped out a sheet of graph paper from her drawing pad and started drawing again.

a person's home.

the police raided my pad

fill or cover (something) with a soft material in order to give it a particular shape, protect it or its contents, or make it more comfortable.

a padded envelope

the soft dull sound of steady steps.

he heard the pad of feet

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Example Of pad

  • A helicopter pad would allow guests and homeowners to get to and from the exclusive estate with ease.

  • A preformed metal ball held in the concave mouth is bonded to the metal pad of the integrated circuit.

  • A squeeze bottle of water and a bucket, obviously for waste elimination, were nearby, and there was a thick pad of foam insulation for him to lay on.

  • After surgery, a pad or clear piece of surgical tape may be put across your eye to protect it.

  • an office building with a helicopter pad

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