Definition Of overshoot


an act of going past or beyond a point, target, or limit.

But the price of that performance will likely be an overshoot in its public-deficit target for 2001 and 2002.

go past (a point) unintentionally, especially through traveling too fast or being unable to stop.

they overshot their intended destination

Example Of overshoot

  • A large part of this overshoot is due to the extravagant use of fossil fuels, whose carbon waste would require a vast bio-productive surface area as a natural sink.

  • A rigid application of the guidelines embodied in the pact will simply accentuate the deflationary trends which are leading to the budget deficit overshoots in the first place.

  • A signal just outside York Railway Station is under inspection after a train carrying hundreds of passengers overshot a red light.

  • According to him, within the 2001 budget the revenues will be redistributed without overshooting the planned budget deficit.

  • ‘Most energy experts agree that we have overshot our carbon dioxide emissions targets implied in our EU quota from Kyoto,’ Taylor said.

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