Definition Of overpasses


a bridge by which a road or railroad passes over another.

It also involves dismounting to clear bridges, under bridges, overpasses , signs, culverts and guard rails.

pass over; traverse.

She had never been more than 5 miles out of Bennett but they had overpassed that mark earlier that day.

Example Of overpasses

  • a capacity to overpass old limits

  • Additionally, prior knowledge of the route will allow soldiers to anticipate actions that will be required at choke points, bridges, overpasses , and intersections.

  • Also, UVB satellite data is available, at least for a given moment of the day in each region overpassed by the satellite.

  • As part of their August crackdown on drugs, police set up a roadside checkpoint under the overpass on Pratamnak Road on August 12.

  • As the driver lost control of the bus and it slid toward a railway overpass , he yelled, ‘Hold on!’

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