Definition Of overnighte


a stop or stay lasting one night.

overnights can be arranged in Kathmandu

for the duration of a night.

they refused to stay overnight

for use overnight.

an overnight bag

stay for the night in a particular place.

I overnighted at the Beverly Wilshire

Example Of overnighte

  • After the prayer at Baiturrahman Mosque, the president was to have dinner at the governor's official residence, where she would stay overnight .

  • Arrange for an overnight with just the two of you at least once a year.

  • As I've said already, Mulder had never even stayed out overnight before last week - tonight will be the ninth night he's been absent.

  • AYR survived a late inspection after frost set in overnight and threatened to spoil the Craigie course's big charity day.

  • ‘I need to bathe the children and wash all these clothes,’ S. called to me as the older of the little girls and I hauled out their overnight bag.

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