Definition Of ostracize


exclude (someone) from a society or group.

a group of people who have been ridiculed, ostracized, and persecuted for centuries

Example Of ostracize

  • A young man could remain a member either until he married or reached the age of 3O or so, and in fact he could not refuse to become a member without being ostracized .

  • Apart from the shame of being socially ostracised , they must have indeed been in a state of shock and disbelief that their once privileged and envied existence was crumbling around them.

  • But banishing doubt runs the very real risk of banishing - or at least ostracizing - thought.

  • By the time of Campanella's death, only five years after his arrival in France, he had become ostracized , intellectually isolated, and antiquated.

  • Churches, unions, parties, bourgeois conventions, working-class and peasant cultures no longer furnish models which all are obliged to observe if they do not wish to be ostracized .

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