Definition Of ostentation


pretentious and vulgar display, especially of wealth and luxury, intended to impress or attract notice.

the office was spacious, but without any trace of ostentation

Example Of ostentation

  • A quiet mystery man who exudes wisdom without ostentation , Kerr started his career as professor at UC Berkeley, became chancellor of Berkeley, and finally president of the whole UC system.

  • About 35 serene green miles later, you're in Leiden, a university city girdled by canals and dominated by the gothic ostentation of its 15 th-century church.

  • After all, ostentation and luxury do not translate into a truly modern city.

  • But now, the first lines have been built, and they make a modest, decent contribution to the city, adding, without flash or ostentation , a literally new dimension.

  • But they had to be careful not to show their wealth with too much ostentation .

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