Definition Of ordinances


a piece of legislation enacted by a municipal authority.

a city ordinance banned smoking in nearly all types of restaurants

a prescribed religious rite.

Talmudic ordinances

an authoritative order; a decree.

The details regarding the narrow limits that exist on the right to use these rooms and tight controls over them have since been regulated in special state government ordinances in order to prevent misuse.

Example Of ordinances

  • All 50 states have child-protection ordinances mandating that professionals who come in contact with children report cases of suspected abuse to the local child protective services agency.

  • As a result increasing numbers of churches intentionally observe the ordinances only at times (such as a midweek gathering) when few unbelievers are expected.

  • Before 1840 municipal ordinances limited horse-drawn freight to a relatively small number of licensed carters whose prices were fixed by law.

  • Charles's household ordinances were intended to re-introduce order and decorum into court life by re-establishing the etiquette of Henry VIII's time.

  • City governments passed tongue-in-cheek ordinances prohibiting Skylab from entering the municipal limits, or inviting it into the town, depending on the mood they were in.

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