Definition Of opening


a beginning; an initial part.

Maya started tapping out the opening of her story

an aperture or gap, especially one allowing access.

she peered through one of the smaller openings

an opportunity to achieve something.

they seem to have exploited fully the openings offered

break the conducting path of (an electrical circuit).

the switch opens the motor circuit

coming at the beginning of something; initial.

she stole the show with her opening remark

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Example Of opening

  • A double opening will offer new paintings by Aaron Hill entitled Inheritance.

  • A giant screen would be in place to telecast India's opening match with Holland.

  • A number of myths are likely to have been dispelled almost as soon as Friday's opening match between France and Senegal has been completed.

  • After the ceremonial opening , a hymn should be read from the Guru Granth Sahib.

  • Also, the opening to the story wasn't written by either me or my friend.

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