Definition Of onenesses


the fact or state of being one in number.

belief in the oneness of God

the fact or state of being unified or whole, though comprised of two or more parts.

the oneness of man and nature

Example Of onenesses

  • A land which has always mystified and enchanted the west with its boundless diversity yet somehow oneness .

  • a strong sense of oneness is felt with all things

  • As Anglicans, as Christians, we are called to live beyond ourselves trusting that God will use us to effect God's restoration to unity, God's redemption of creation to wholeness and oneness in Christ.

  • belief in the oneness of God

  • But the ethics of practice call upon the practitioner to learn how to take her or his place in the phenomenal world in full cognisance of the truths of love, oneness , non-harming and interdependency.

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