Definition Of nowhere


a place that is remote, uninteresting, or nondescript.

a stretch of road between nowhere and nowhere

having no prospect of progress or success.

she's involved in a nowhere affair with a married executive

no place.

there was nowhere for her to sit

not in or to any place; not anywhere.

plants and animals found nowhere else in the world

Example Of nowhere

  • A postcode lottery of legal aid is leaving desperate people with nowhere to turn for help on problems such as homelessness and domestic violence.

  • Above all, we offer our students something that exists almost nowhere else in academia - a huge amount of one to one time.

  • And technically everyone gets out of Socrendien, everyone gets out of this nowhere land.

  • As is the case with UK law, the aims of Community policy are nowhere encapsulated in its legislative provisions.

  • Both these fine actors should have refused the nowhere script of Undisputed.

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