Definition Of nondescript


a nondescript person or thing.

It is the most costly farce ever misinterpreted by a group of nondescripts .

lacking distinctive or interesting features or characteristics.

she lived in a nondescript suburban apartment block

Example Of nondescript

  • After the standard rambling walk following his contact he found himself at another nondescript West End hotel.

  • Arriving to an enthusiastic welcome in the nondescript village, he shed his characteristic reserve.

  • Aykan's house was one in a street of nondescript redbricks, and I was staring at it for several seconds before I saw that anything was wrong.

  • Basically, he's a nice sort of nondescript guy, who spends a weekend hanging out with odd groups.

  • Dressing nondescriptly can broadcast the message, ‘I'm not looking.’

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