Definition Of noise


a sound, especially one that is loud or unpleasant or that causes disturbance.

making a noise like a pig in a trough

irregular fluctuations that accompany a transmitted electrical signal but are not part of it and tend to obscure it.

Placing them between the transmitter and the antenna reduces broadband noise and other spurious signals radiated by the transmitter.

talk about or make known publicly.

you've discovered something that should not be noised about

Example Of noise

  • A heavy and ominous quiet descended on the room, disturbed only by the noise from outside and by Carl who groaned in pain.

  • A loud noise that sounded like the heavy doors opening and then clanging closed again came from behind her.

  • A squeaking noise at the door made him look that way, swaying, and when he saw the woman shoving the wheelchair into the room he plopped back onto the edge of the bed.

  • Am I the only person disturbed by this non-stop noise ?

  • As they sat down to their meal, a loud noise was heard outside.

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