Definition Of nibble


an expression of cautious interest in a project or proposal.

now and then she gets a nibble, but no one will commit to an interview

an instance of nibbling something.

You have to rely on senses and a vague idea about what a fish eating a worm feels like through the line, and what it looks like as the nibble bends the tip of your rod.

show cautious interest in a project or proposal.

there's a New York agent nibbling

take small bites out of.

he sat nibbling a cookie

Example Of nibble

  • A nibble here, a little slice there, it was all gone in about a minute.

  • A couple of the crumbs that materialized in the last year seemed substantial and nourishing at first nibble .

  • A mile off the Ft. Lauderdale coast, mom and daughter dropped their baited lines, hoping for a nibble from grouper or triggerfish to take home for dinner.

  • Also, fill baggies with your fave snacks so you'll have stuff to nibble on when you get the munchies (pack enough to share).

  • Before you nosh on your order, you get to nibble on thin and crispy poppadums brushed with ghee, made even yummier when used to scoop up diced pickled carrots sprinkled with black sesame.

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