Definition Of neaps


(of a boat) be kept aground or in harbor by a neap tide.

She had arrived fully laden one Friday and because of her deep draft was neaped until Monday morning.

a tide just after the first or third quarters of the moon when there is the least difference between high and low water.

Pollack feed longer during smaller neap tides than they do through a big spring tide.

Example Of neaps

  • Barramundi had been a bit quiet on the neaping tides but as the tides increased the Barra's started to bite and bite they did.

  • I hear it has something to do with the faces of the moon, or maybe the tide, which is quite active hereabouts, ebbing and neaping even as we sleep.

  • I prefer a neaping tide and fish from the mangroves out to about 60m wide and catch all varieties.

  • I was quite alarmed to feel the foils scraping the sand halfway across even at high water, so as I didn't want to get neaped , I retraced my route back to Walney where I decided to dry out for the night.

  • I went out today even though it was neaping .

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