Definition Of naturalize


admit (a foreigner) to the citizenship of a country.

he was born in a foreign country and had never been naturalized

establish (a plant or animal) so that it lives wild in a region where it is not indigenous.

native and naturalized species

regard as or cause to appear natural.

although women do more child care than men, feminists should beware of naturalizing that fact

Example Of naturalize

  • Against any tendency to naturalize evil, Julian sees evil as profoundly unnatural, unkind.

  • All the while, its residual, unofficial curriculum naturalizes a consistent image of the Canadian nation's ‘true’ founders as white British brothers of the officer class.

  • And, what should it do now that the terminology has been naturalized into the vernacular?

  • ‘My interest is the management of large sites of vegetation and the establishment and naturalisation of garden plants and wild flowers,’ says Roger.

  • Before naturalizing bulbs, look carefully at the existing plant cover.

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