Definition Of mystic


a person who seeks by contemplation and self-surrender to obtain unity with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or who believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.

Like the monastics and mystics at their best, Bondi has a gift for seeing God everywhere.

Example Of mystic

  • After all, I had learned from hard experience that there are few bona fide mystics in the world today.

  • Are they behind the mysterious powers of fortune-tellers, mystics , clairvoyants, and palm readers?

  • But although such imagery is offered in scripture and probed by mystics , it is seldom celebrated in church tradition.

  • Christian mystics warn that one has to be ready to let go of everything, even oneself.

  • College undergraduates are not the only people who respond to Christian women mystics in this way.

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