Definition Of mope


a person given to prolonged spells of low spirits.

they're just a bunch of mopes

be dejected and apathetic.

no use moping—things could be worse

Example Of mope

  • Actually he really is better then the average guy when we go shopping, well unless it takes too long because then he will start yawning very often and look all miserable and mopy .

  • After it had been a while and I looked fairly mopish my mother dragged me to West Hartford for a trim.

  • All I was doing was moping around in the house because I knew that my entire summer and possibly the rest of my life was ruined because my parents still thought that I was a little girl.

  • Anna behind me was probably the coldest person in our boat, but instead of complaining or moping she just told us to keep our hands warm and to keep focused.

  • Are you finding yourself moping around the house in the depths of despair, the wrong results in your hands and feeling unsure about what to do with your life?

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