Definition Of monarchs


a sovereign head of state, especially a king, queen, or emperor.

Since then I have described the Queen as our monarch or sovereign, and the governor-general as our head of state.

Example Of monarchs

  • Although politically unified since the reign of the Catholic monarchs Ferdinand and Isabel in the late fifteenth century, Spain continues to be divided by regional loyalties.

  • Being a constitutional monarch , the Queen consistently follows the recommendation of the head of government as required.

  • Centuries after the city famously locked out the reigning monarch King Charles I, it was a time to forgive and forget.

  • Conservationists and others concerned about the fate of the monarch butterfly may be heartened by a recent survey of milkweed distribution in the major U.S. corn-growing area.

  • During its final growth stage, the constantly feeding larva of a monarch butterfly consumes an amazing 2.25 times its own weight in milkweed per day.

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