Definition Of mister

a device, such as a bottle, with a nozzle for spraying a mist of water, especially on houseplants.

Rabbits, which find the knee-high orchard grass perfectly hospitable habitat, have also presented problems, particularly since they have shown a penchant for the spaghetti tubing that connects the irrigation hose to the misters .

used as a form of address to a man whose name is not known.

thanks, mister

Example Of mister

  • "Sorry mister , I didn't mean to startle you," he said.

  • "Well mister ," she said, pointing her fork at him.

  • After planting, soak the bottom of the container in a pan of water until the surface is wet or spray with a mister until well-watered.

  • Also use a pebble tray or spray plants often with a mister to increase humidity.

  • And mister , if you don't smarten up you'll end up just like her.

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