Definition Of misplaced


incorrectly positioned.

a million dollars had been lost because of a misplaced comma

put in the wrong place and lose temporarily because of this; mislay.

I'm sure the jewelry has just been misplaced, and not stolen

temporarily lost.

her misplaced keys

Example Of misplaced

  • A misplaced comma may be obscuring the meaning of this reference.

  • A misplaced pass by Bloom led to Wilson being played into the box and his low shot nestled into the far corner of the net.

  • After a few hours had passed the women had finally cleaned out all the misplaced artifacts and had them in a large pile in the middle of the main room.

  • As for the second, there are growing signs that the present approach, with its obsession with speed as the cause of road death and injury, is misplaced and excessive.

  • At least if their hateful, despicable views are aired they can be seen publicly for the idiots they are, but if suppressed they feed on fear and misplaced anger and that's how they grow.

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