Definition Of mishit

(in various sports) hit or kick (a ball) badly or in the wrong direction.

First your technique gets off and you start mishitting your putts.

an instance of hitting or kicking a ball badly or in the wrong direction.

They have seen he can defend, pick the right ball to hit and that he has so much power there is not a great deal of hope of a mishit being caught on the boundary.

Example Of mishit

  • A 100-metre long bunker all down the left side is waiting to gobble up anything mishit , though the long, narrow bunker protects you from no man's land bordering the trap.

  • A 40-0 lead almost evaporates as Kuerten battles back to 40-30, but Robredo clinches the win when his mishit just drops in.

  • A brilliant inter-passing movement involving Nikki Kleppang, Stott and Cheryl Valentine ended with a mishit by Stott, which deceived Robb and notched the goal that sealed the match.

  • A few wild swishes, a couple of pop-ups for easy catches, and then a mishit squeezed past first base is enough to keep a streak alive.

  • after a further mishit, his third attempt proved successful

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