Definition Of misbehave


(of a person, especially a child) fail to conduct oneself in a way that is acceptable to others; behave badly.

We have Christmas parties and days out, and it is nice not to be embarrassed when your child misbehaves or is acting badly.

Example Of misbehave

  • A bug in AIM's URL handler means that the function misbehaves when it receives very long messages.

  • After having asked the children twice to stop misbehaving he decided to take them back to school.

  • Audience members make dumb choices, computer screens misbehave and the two deliver gently encouraging corrections with perfect old-school timing.

  • Concerned community members met on Wednesday night to find a way to address the growing problem of vandalism and teenagers misbehaving in the town.

  • However, if a service starts misbehaving , it can be flagged as either WARNING, ERROR or CRITICAL.

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