Definition Of minimal


(of a pair of forms) distinguished by only one feature.

“p” and “b” are a minimal pair, distinguished by the feature of voicing

characterized by the repetition and gradual alteration of short phrases.

Some of the pieces were minimal phrases, and the players would improvise over it many times.

characterized by the use of simple or primary forms or structures, especially geometric or massive ones.

His career did not take off until the early 1960s, when he turned to sculpture and became one of the leading exponents of minimal art.

of a minimum amount, quantity, or degree; negligible.

a minimal amount of information

Example Of minimal

  • a minimal pair in one language or dialect may not be a minimal pair in another one.

  • Agnes Martin's austerely minimal grid paintings made a profound impression on him.

  • Although minimal in form, these are some of Kelly's most interesting paintings to date.

  • And by the sound of it, he wants the music to stay minimal , yet supremely intense and evocative.

  • As a result, we could preserve and extend the advantages of a free market with a minimal amount of coercion.

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