Definition Of mike


a code word representing the letter M, used in radio communication.

a microphone.

The teachers alleged that the police first snatched the loud speaker and the mike , which was being used by them to address the gathering, and then pushed the girls who participated in the rally.

place a microphone close to (someone or something) or in (a place).

I told the sound guy that I didn't want to be miked up today; this was too important an outing for me and I needed nothing to divert my attention from the job in hand.

Example Of mike

  • mike stand

  • A great time was had by everyone in attendance, including Tom, who was having so much fun that he sang the songs even when he wasn't miked .

  • A listener then called in to point out that singers are miked at the New York City Opera, which Sills ran for ten years.

  • Actually, I was just looking for shelter from the frigid weather outside, and they miked me and put me on your bench here.

  • An NBC News engineer piped the live feed into the tent, and a soldier held a hand mike to the speaker so the rest of the battalion could hear it over the administration and logistics radio channel.

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