Definition Of merrymaking


the process of enjoying oneself with others, especially by dancing and drinking.

The wider feelings of distrust or dislike for the Irish harbored by some passengers on board were concentrated in the disapproval of their dancing and general merrymaking .

Example Of merrymaking

  • All around me, the merrymaking sounds of the party continued on, but I was oblivious.

  • But all the merrymaking ends when the trial begins.

  • Em was not isolated from the merrymaking - against her will, of course.

  • General merrymaking on the second day of Easter includes the rolling of Easter eggs, games to test one's strength, and swinging on swings.

  • He heard a few reactionary mutterings of disappointment amongst the barflies; staff smashing glasses was the height of sophisticated merrymaking after a certain volume of arm-bending.

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