Definition Of mendicant


a beggar.

I thought of Dorothy Wordsworth who coined the phrase, ‘the rant and cant of the staled beggar’, as she complained of the mendicants she encountered in England's beautiful Lake District.

given to begging.

Possibly it was sheer vanity and love of easily-won applause that drove him to act out the role of mendicant campus guru.

Example Of mendicant

  • A fakir is an initiate in a mendicant Sufi order.

  • After all, Francis of Assisi and Dominic Guzman, not Innocent III, energized the mendicant movement that swept Europe in the thirteenth century.

  • After the poisonous fumes from the factory blurred his vision and life two decades ago, the tailor in Nawab Nagar became a mendicant .

  • All over town, Franciscan monks - the order of mendicant friars which is St. Francis' legacy - were praying.

  • By the fifteenth century, the spirituality of the mendicant orders had thoroughly permeated Florentine society, not only through preaching, but also through private reading and meditation.

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